Worth The Wait: Rescued Macaw Finds A Home After More Than A Year

Paco Was Rescued From A Life Of Neglect In 2019


We have an extra special Pet Connection success story, one that is more than a year in the making.
CAARE Bird Rescue saved a group of parrots from a life of neglect. They actually paid for the birds just to get them to safety. We featured two of them on Pet Connection in June of 2019, including Paco the macaw.
When they found him, Paco’s cage was welded shut and he didn’t really know how to live life outside those confines.
More than anything, he needed a loving home.
Fast forward to Wednesday night. After 14 months looking for a home, Paco finally found one!


Here he is one the left with his new owner and Kayla, a parrot rescued from the same home as Paco last year.
His new owner already took in Kayla, and she decided Paco would be a great addition.
After a tough start, hopefully Paco has decades of happiness ahead of him. He’s only 8 or 9 years old, and macaws like him can live upwards of 50 years. After what he’s gone through, he deserves to live them well.

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