Jason Lewis wants to defeat Sen. Smith and ‘restore public order & protect liberty’

MINNESOTA – Jason Lewis says he wants to defeat Democratic Senator Tina Smith to reform health care.

Lewis says premiums, deductibles and copays have skyrocketed because of the Affordable Care Act.

The former congressman also wants to end what he calls burdensome Covid-19 lockdowns he says are devastating Greater Minnesota.

Lewis said a model the Minnesota Department of Health relied on showed up to 36,000 Minnesotans would die with Covid-19 by Summer. More than 1,800 have died with the virus.

“To lock down an economy, something we’ve never done before, not for the Hong Kong Flu, not for H1N1, based on faulty models I think is a huge public policy blunder. We’ve got mom and pop resorts up in Northern Minnesota on their last legs because of this,” Lewis said.

Lewis adds it’s important to make sure the sugar beet industry thrives. He says he voted against a bill that would have taken away protections for sugar producers when he was in the House.

Watch the full interview below.

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