Barnesville mayor presented with the Town of the Year plaque

BARNESVILLE, Minn. – We are kicking off our celebration of Barnesville as the KVRR Town of the Year

Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec presented Barnesville Mayor Jason Rick with the Town of the Year plaque as residents came out to enjoy the last Show and Shine car show of the season and celebrate the town’s win which came as no surprise to the mayor.

“It’s no different than any other thing we have going on like football, volleyball, basketball. Everybody pulls together and there is a strong support in this town. And this was a great way to show that we wanted this competition of town of the year,” Rick said.

There is much more to Barnesville than Potato Days and the Clay County Fair. The city is seeing a large growth in homes on the east side of town and a large expansion to the school.

Sunday night at 9:00 we’ll hear from local business owners and residents about what they this is special about Barnesville and see what impact the booster club has had on the school district.

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