Local Couple Heads Out To Offer Wildfire Relief From The Red Cross

Volunteers Deploying to West Coast


FARGO, N.D. — Barb and Paul Hanke have been volunteering for the Red Cross for 25 years, and together have worked on over 35 different sites.

Once they’ve driven nearly 1,500 miles to the Portland Red Cross headquarters the pair will be deployed to wherever they are needed the most and will be given safety supplies for themselves along with supplies to help people in need.

They couple say that

“Most of the ones we go to are hurricanes and floods and things, we’ve never been to the fires. So it’s going to be interesting with the air quality and things”

The wildfires have taken lives and destroyed homes, Barb and Paul say that the least they can do is lend a helping hand to people who may have lost everything.

The Red Cross is lookin for more volunteer that could handle a two week deployment to many cities in the U.S to handle natural disasters, especially if you happen to be an RN or in the medical field.

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