Slumberland Furniture employee goes the extra mile to keep customer safe

Brianna Normand called paramedics to the home of a customer after a phone call indicated the woman was having a stroke.

WEST FARGO, N.D. — September 14th was just another day on the job for Brianna Normand as a sales associate at Slumberland Furniture in West Fargo.

That is until a phone call with a customer looking to buy a recliner for her husband sounded anything but normal.

“It sounded like she was flustered at first,” remembered Normand. “She had hung up three times and she had called back that fourth time and it was just like she was stuttering her words and it was really hard for her to get them out. It was just a huge red flag was going off.”

Brianna recognized the woman may have been having a stroke.

The woman insisted on completing the order, so Brianna stayed on the phone with her and made sure to check in multiple times to ask if things were okay.

While the woman assured her she was fine and her speech started to sound better by the end of the call, Brianna’s gut feeling told her not to end things there.

“We hung up but there was something inside me that was like she is by herself. She is not with anybody and nobody else knows what happened,” said Normand.

Brianna followed her gut and called 911.

The customer’s son says his mother suffered a transient ischemic attack, otherwise known as a mini stroke.

“I think she was aware of what was going on, but when this is happening to you, you don’t make any sense,” said Brian.

Brian found out what had happened to his mother a day later.

He and his two siblings live out of state. He says he was touched by the willingness of a stranger to go out of her way to make sure his mother was safe.

“I thought I am going to call right away and I am going to thank them,” said Brian. “Then I started getting choked up and my voice started to quiver a little bit. I didn’t realize how moved we were.”

Nearly 10 days after the phone call, Brian’s mother is doing just fine.

Brianna admits to being worried that the woman would be upset with her for overstepping, but Brian says his family is nothing but grateful.

“I was so happy to hear she was okay. When I hung up with dispatch I thought that was going to be the end of it, but I am very happy she is okay,” said Normand.

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