Red River Valley Fairgrounds hosts tailgating ahead of Bison football game

Due to COVID-19, there was no tailgating allowed at the FargoDome.

WEST FARGO, N.D. — There are few things better than the feeling of game day, but this one was unlike any other.

“A lot of people are disappointed,” said NDSU fan, Austin Weigeo. “It is hard cause a lot of people have been going for years and years and now they have to go sit at home.”

With no fans allowed at the game and no tailgating allowed at the FargoDome, Bison Nation had to make changes to their plans to watch.

The Red River Valley Fairgrounds and KFGO gave them an option they could get on board with.

“Everything is distanced. It is nothing too crazy and just an opportunity for friends and family to get together and have a good time before the game,” said NDSU fan, Jeremy Ostrowski.

Cars, trucks, tents, games and grills filled the parking lot at the fairgrounds where NDSU fans got to keep their tailgating traditions alive.

It may not have had the same feeling as tailgating at the FargoDome, but it still had everything a fan could need.

“We have an ice house in case it gets a little cold for some of the gals. We got a trailer with TVs and music. Of course, you got to have some drinks,” said season ticket holder, Jessica Fetzer.

While fans may not have had the opportunity to be around their favorite team in person, the tailgating still gave them the chance to surround themselves with others who share their same excitement for the green and gold.

“We like to go to the games and have fun but we make the best of it with what we got,” said Weigeo “We are here with our friends and to meet new people.”

That’s the attitude Bison fans all around Fargo have embraced as they celebrate a one-of-a-kind game day experience.

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