LIVE: Sloth, Macaw, Ferret Square Off In Mayoral Race At Red River Zoo

Each Animal Brings A Different Expertise To The Office


Here’s an election that people are happy to be talking about.

The Red River Zoo is holding an election for mayor. The candidates are Goober the Blue and Gold Macaw, Coco Peru the Black-Footed Ferret and Milo the Two-Toed Sloth.
Milo is leading the polls so far.
The Zoo is using the election as a fundraiser heading into the winter, which is typically their slow season.
Goober joined Executive Director Sally Jacobson, who says she wanted an election that won’t just make everyone sad or angry.

She adds, “Just thought it was such a cute and light-hearted idea and I know that whenever you start talking about elections and in particular this year, people are getting a little stressed about it, so I thought why not have light-hearted fun and have an election that everyone can look forward to and get excited about.”

Jacobson says she’s not sure what the winner’s mayoral duties will include. It depends on who wins. Click here to make your voice heard.

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