Pet Connection: Meet Buxton

It can take big bucks to heal a dog like Buxton.

If you have a pet you already know it’s important to budget for regular veterinary care.

But sometimes, medical surprises come up that can be a bit more than you bargained for cost-wise.

That happens with dogs that come into rescues, too.

And right now, 4 Luv of Dog has two dogs who need pretty expensive medical help to get them patched up and on the road to going home for good.

They came in at different times, but both have serious injuries to their cruciate ligaments, and need surgeries called CBLO (CORA-Based Leveling Osteotomy).

And the surgeries together will cost the rescue about $6,000.

It’s a pretty penny. But Buxton’s a pretty great dog.

He gets along well with kids, other dogs, you name it.

But he won’t be ready to adopt out until he’s recovered.

So you can help him and the other dog get back on the road to recovery and finding their way to a forever home.

Here’s a link to their silent auction fundraiser… and don’t forget to check back to see when Buxton’s ready for your adoption application!

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