Fargo students receive unique masks for music classes

"If it means that they can be making music together that's what we do."

FARGO, N.D.– The morale of the students was lowering when we couldn’t be singing or playing. That’s absolutely happening with the teachers because they just want to be making music with their kids,” Performing Arts Curriculum Specialist Ainsley Rentfrow said.

Students at Fargo public schools weren’t able to perform without proper PPE, but now they have the reassurance to make music while staying properly masked.

“The instruments are masked as well as the player, the bells of wind instruments any instrument brass or woodwind that air is coming out of are masked and the masks for the students are what’s called blowhole masks so they’re just like normal masks except that they have a slit in the middle and that fabric kind of criss-crosses so they can pull it apart and put the instrument mouthpiece into their mouth,” Rentfrow said.

While schools received funds through the CARES Act, they say it’s not enough to cover the needs for every student.

“I know that we were hoping to get a donation for the masks. We absolutely will take any help if people are interested whether it’s a seamstress that would like to look into making blowhole masks or flute masks or people with monetary donations absolutely,”┬áRentfrow said.

Rentfrow says she’s glad students get the chance to enjoy a little bit of normalcy.

“It’s such an unprecedented situation we never thought that we would need to be playing with masks and looking for ways to keep kids safe in music classes but if it means that they can be making music together that’s what we do,” Rentfrow said.

For more information on how you can help Fargo students receive PPE, click here.

You can also email comments@fargo.k12.nd.us if you have any questions.

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