LIVE: ND Family Has 19 Covid-Infected Members

There are pandemic tragedies everywhere in our state. This family's been hit extra hard.

A North Dakota woman who was the first in her family to get Covid-19 is speaking out after eighteen more members have since become infected with the virus.

Ashlee Nordquist was left in a coma and on a ventilator after she got infected with the novel coronavirus at work in April.

She’s in her 20s.

Her brother, who’s in his 30s, got it in October, from a family gathering, Nordquist said.

He’s only recently come off a ventilator. Five more relatives have been hospitalized as well.

One of her aunts died from Covid.

Both she and her brother have experienced lingering health effects, including Nordquist losing much of her hair, and lingering “brain fog.”

Nordquist told the Morning Show’s Emily Welker it’s been “disappointing” to see so many people in our region fail to take the risk of getting the coronavirus seriously until they themselves, or a loved one, becomes infected.

Nordquist is giving some of her blood and tissue to Sanford researchers to help them try to determine what role, if any, genetics can play in who becomes infected from Covid-19 and how sick they get.

For the full Zoom interview, check out the video.


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