City Commission okays pandemic relief for Fargo businesses

FARGO (KVRR/KFGO) – Fargo City Commissioners have approved a motion to assist bars, restaurants, retail, and ancillary businesses impacted by the pandemic. It will be targeted relief, beyond what the state and federal governments provide.

Commissioners will look at a number of possibilities. That could include waiving next year’s liquor license fees, adjusting utility bills, and property tax reductions.

Assistant City Administrator Mike Redlinger said as much data as possible will be collected to understand what is happening and how long it will continue. The information will then be presented to city commissioners for consideration.

City Strategic Planning Director Jim Gilmour cited data from a number of sources that show at least 30 Fargo business closures so far, much higher than usual. That includes seven hotels and 19 restaurants and breweries that have not renewed licenses required by the city.

Gilmour said on the employment side, In October, there were 5,000 fewer employees in Cass and Clay Counties than there were a year ago.

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