Moorhead girl is one of 13 national art contest winners

The NAHRO's "What Home Means To Me" contest is a way to raise awareness about affordable housing issues
Lilly Ann

MOORHEAD, Minn. — With more time at home and school moving online, 10-year-old Lilly Ann Hoaglund of Moorhead found herself with more free time than usual.

It’s allowed her to let her creativity flourish through her art.

“It’s a way to express myself without having to say it,” she says.

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Official’s Housing America campaign was the perfect opportunity for Lilly Ann to continue expressing herself.

The “What Home Means to Me” poster and calendar contest is part of the campaign that’s raising awareness of the need for safe and affordable housing.

“We’re really in that time of year where we’re thinking about what’s most important, and all of our neighbors having affordable, safe housing is really it,” says Moorhead Public Housing Agency Executive Director Dawn Bacon.

Bacon adds that Lilly Ann’s artwork gets that message across.

Each contestant was asked to create a poster about what “home” means to them.

Lilly Ann says for her, home is a place where she can live and love: “My pets and food and water, my bed, my family. Those are some of the things that matter to me.”

She says everyone should have the right to house the things that matter to them, but not everyone does.

Bacon adds, “With the pandemic, it is a particularly difficult time, and so I think just starting by thinking about who’s around you.”

She says lending a neighbor a helping hand or simply checking in can go a long way to help keep families in homes where they, too, can live and love.

Lilly Ann’s artwork is featured in a national calendar which is shared with all members of Congress and local leaders.

To view the work of other winners from across the country, click here.

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