LIVE: Fargo Firefighters and Vaccinations

How these front-line first responders are planning to handle pandemic vaccinations.

We first told you on the Morning Show this week about a new study that shows the majority of New York City’s firefighters don’t feel ready to get the new coronavirus vaccine when it’s approved.

Now, our area’s biggest municipal fire department is working on its own pandemic vaccine plan.

Fargo Fire Chief Steve Dirksen says a significant number of his fire crews’ calls are medical in nature.

He says the crew members are tired of the need for masks to stay safe on the job, and the majority are looking forward to the chance to get the vaccine when their turn comes.

Dirksen himself is newly back at work after contracting coronavirus, and says he’s finally feeling one hundred percent for the first time Thursday.

He Zoomed in live with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about why he’s planning to encourage his workers to get the vaccine, if they can, what the department still needs to know about the vaccine process, and what legal challenges workplace mandates may face in court.


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