Sanford Health thanks military nurses with challenge coins

The coins symbolize the efforts of military personnel lending their support to hospitals during the pandemic

FARGO, N.D. — Military nurses who are deployed to help out throughout local hospitals are thanked for their services at Sanford Health.

The military nurses were gifted challenge coins as a sign of appreciation for their efforts in working the front lines in such trying times.

On the front side of the coin there is a symbol of the Lorraine cross which is part of Sanford Health’s logo and represents its mission of health and healing.

The backside of the challenge coin has a symbol of the five branches of the military.

“I was totally caught by surprise in the military. It’s a tradition, whenever we are doing a good job we get rewarded by a coin and to get it from the civilian side it’s very overwhelming,” clinical nurse, Sabrina Ahsan said.

The military nurses say this coin is a reminder to go the distance and continue putting in the work in order to help keep hospitals under control.

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