Red River Zoo welcomes new red panda

Zoo's Red Panda Breeding Program Is Known Around The World


FARGO (KVRR) – It’s perhaps the animal the Red River Zoo is best-known for. And they’re enjoying a brand new addition to their herd..

A new Red Panda arrived at the zoo last week. His name is Bo.
He’s the sixth Red Panda now at the Red River Zoo. He’s settling in right now, not on exhibit.

The plan is to pair him with Pepper, a female panda at the zoo.
Right now they can see each other through a mesh window in their quarters, but they haven’t gotten to spend any quality time together yet.

Executive Director Sally Jacobson says experts painstakingly pick pandas to try and breed. It’s not an everyday occurrence when you get a new one.

She adds, “So this year, we’re quite excited. It’s been about five years I think since we’ve had a baby panda at the zoo so we’re really keeping our fingers crossed that this year we’re gonna have a little bit of luck.”

The zoo’s Red Panda breeding program is known around the world. More than a quarter of all Red Pandas in U.S. zoos were born here in Fargo.

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