Minnesota restaurants happily welcome back dine-in customers

DILWORTH, Minn. – Minnesota restaurants and bars are trying to return to some sense of normal after pandemic restrictions were loosened by the governor.

The crew at Red Hen Taphouse in Dilworth is finally back after seven weeks of being laid off.

It was able to keep all of its pre-covid crew. The operators believe it was important that when they were finally able to open again that their customers were able to return to familiar faces.

They now plan on restarting many of their other amenities such as pull tabs and tables for games.

“It’s a unique experience, hopefully, we’ll never have to go through it again, but if we do then I think we would know what to expect,” Bartender Gene Lavoy said.

Red Hen looks to operate within the latest guidelines by closing each night at 10:00. Indoor capacity is limited to 50 percent.

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