Social Distancing: Making Celebrations Special During Pandemic

It's The Thought That Truly Counts


It’s important to try and make special occasions still feel special as we wait for the vaccine rollout and for the pandemic to end.
Today is my girlfriend’s birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Her birthday is already in the middle of winter, and sandwiched between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so it’s not the easiest things making it feel special. Plus, last year I was busy all day on her birthday hosting a beauty pageant so I owed her this year. With all that on top of a pandemic, I wanted to really make this one special. I’ll share what I did in case you’re looking for any winter pandemic celebration ideas.

I tried to make a special dinner for her this weekend. I even made a fancy-looking menu to get into the spirit.
Now, here’s where my plans always go haywire.
I’m not a great cook. I don’t cook a whole lot, but when I do cook I get too ambitious and always feel out of my depth.
I tried my hand at chicken fried steak with country gravy, and attempted molten lava cake for dessert.
Needless to say it wasn’t an artistic masterpiece.

But here’s the thing if you’re nervous about cooking guys, you don’t have to make it look super fancy.
Just show that you care, and even if it looks like trash, she’ll love it.

My girlfriend ended up loving the end result, even if my plating left something to be desired. Plus, it still tasted pretty good.

So there. How are you making special occasions still feel special while we wait for the pandemic to end?

I also bought her an immersion blender as a gift. If you have any fun ideas on how to use that too, I’d love to hear.

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And one last time, Happy Birthday, honey.

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