KVRR Morning News Special: COVID-19 vaccinations – Finding Answers

Your biggest questions about getting the Covid vaccine in our region answered by the people who put the vaccine program together.

We’re tackling today some of your top questions about the Covid vaccine program in the Red River Region and beyond, and we couldn’t have done it without your help.

The Director of Nursing, Fargo Cass Public Health’s Suzanne Schaefer, took two hours today to talk with our Morning Show anchors live about the biggest questions you still have about the vaccination program.

Some of the most frequently asked are:

  1. When it is my time to get vaccinated?

Answer: they’re following the state of North Dakota’s guidelines on priority groups, developed by the ethics committee. They’re vaccinated people in group 1B and 1A right now, which includes child care workers. To stay updated as they move through the phases to come, make sure you follow KVRR for new developments, or check out the ND State Health Department’s website.

2. What if I don’t have a doctor or primary care physician? Can I still get the vaccine?

Answer: You betcha! Just give them a call. They do not have a database of people who qualify for these priority groups, so if you think you do, contact them and let them know you’re interested in getting a vaccine.

3. What if I don’t live in Fargo, but I work there? Can I get the vaccine through Fargo Cass Public Health?

Answer: Yes! So far, they’ve vaccinated people who come into Fargo for work who qualify under the current guidelines. Good to know, since travel into the city from a more rural community means you’re heading into the area with the state’s highest population concentration.

4. Does it matter if I take the new single-dose shot? Or the Pfizer or Moderna shots that require me to come back for a booster?

Answer: Take whatever dose the provider has available for you on hand. FCPH has no control over what kind of vaccine they get under the rollout, so whatever they have is what you should take. The faster we get you vaccinated, the more protected you are. And the more people we can vaccinate quickly, the more protected all of us are as we head toward herd immunity.

KVRR Anchors Emily Welker and Adam Ladwig got a lot more great details for you in both interviews, including the answers to your questions like: does the vaccine have active COVID-19 viruses? how to I encourage a loved one who’s afraid to get the vaccine? what kind of precautions can I stop and which should I keep in place after I get the shot? and several more.

You can find those addressed in the second half of the interview, below.

In the meantime, watch this space for the latest updates on the vaccine rollout in our region, and stay healthy!




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