Social Distancing: Biking The Heartland State Trail

The Heartland State Trail is A Great Trail For Non-Expert Bicyclists


This is the time of year to get out and start enjoying the great outdoors again.

I used it as an opportunity to push myself. I went and biked the Heartland State Trail in Lakes Country on Saturday. It’s a 49 mile paved path stretching from Park Rapids to Cass Lake.
I did a 35 mile stretch starting north from Walker, Minnesota all the way down to Park Rapids.
It was my longest bike ride ever, and this was a great beginner’s path to try something new.
As you can tell by my ample frame lumbering down the path, I’m not Lance Armstrong out there.
But you don’t need to be.
This path has stops every few miles in each town along the way. That way my girlfriend could meet me in case I was about to keel over.
It also makes it really easy to determine a good distance if you head out on a ride.
Each stop had a little bike repair stand.
The entire trail is paved, and pretty flat.
The views were epic. Each stretch was different: lakeside views, forest, prairie.
Lakes County has a pretty robust bike trail system. The Heartland Trail links up with the Paul Bunyan trail, which goes all the way from Bemidji to Brainerd.
And you feel almost completely alone with nature. I didn’t see more than a dozen people across the entire stretch.
Speaking of stretching: here are some tips. Stretch every time you stop. It helps keep your muscles from getting too sore.
Make sure you pack plenty of snacks. I was hungrier than I thought I’d be over the trip.
And drink your water! I was pretty good about that during the ride, but I didn’t drink enough water the rest of the day and I woke up to both of my legs cramping at the same time later that night.

There’s a chance to push yourself as we get into the warm weather. Plus, there are awesome craft breweries in Walker and Park Rapids, so no matter which way you go, you’ll have a reward at the end.
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