LIVE: Celebrate Earth Week with River Keepers

There's been a run on the free pizza and scavenger hunt ornaments.

What do you get when you combine an Earth Week scavenger hunt along Fargo’s beautiful riverfront with the promise of free pizza?

A whole heck of a lot of takers, as it turns out.

Conservation and outdoor recreation group River Keepers set the ornament challenge scavenger hunt from this past Saturday all the way through until May first.

The best hunters were allowed to keep their ornament, and they’d get rewarded with a free large Papa John’s pizza.

Whether it was the nice Saturday weather, the itch to get outdoors and stretch their legs after a long winter, or the siren song of carbs and cheese, every ornament was gone by Monday.

So we Zoomed in live with River Keeper’s Christine Holland to talk about the other great ways you can get out there and enjoy Earth Week with them, including getting involved at their annual meeting, the Story Stroll, Reforest the Red, and more!

(Although you’ll probably have to buy your own pizza.)

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