North Dakota offering Covid-19 vaccines to Manitoba truckers

North Dakota is teaming up with Manitoba to get as many truckers vaccinated as possible.

NORTH DAKOTA & MANITOBA (KVRR) — North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is handing out a helping hand to Manitoba with a new vaccination rollout project.

“The goal is the same for the Premier and myself, which is vaccinate as many people as possible. As quickly as possible with safe and effective vaccines so we can reopen our border and help our residences and our trade and tourism return to normal,” Burgum said.

North Dakota is joining forces with Manitoba to bring vaccines to essential workers crossing the border. The Essential Worker Cross Border Vaccination Initiative is the first program between Canada and an American state. The first part of the campaign will begin on Wednesday.

“Over the next six to eight weeks conclude with the second vaccine and they will be doing that thanks to the government of the United States of America free of charge,” Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said.

Governor Burgum says the state is using FEMA to pay for the vaccines and the staff to administer doses.

“The initial pilot that we are going to launch will start is going to be at the Alexander Henry safety rest area, which is near Drayton North Dakota, which is just off of I-29,” Burgum said.

The vaccination site will be open to truck drivers from Wednesday through Friday from noon to eight pm. According to the Manitoba Trucking Association, over two thousand truckers will take part in the program. The Manitoba Premier says they are vital to their economy.

“These hardworking Manitobans keep our economies moving, they keep our people fed, and they keep us all supplied with the goods that we need and that we rely upon,” Pallister said.

Burgum says he will assess with the Premier in the future on expanding the program.

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