Fargo School Board postpones vote on ending a portion of its mask mandate

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Fargo School Board votes to postpone a motion to end the district’s mask mandate on elementary playgrounds and outside physical education classes at middle and high schools to its May 11th meeting.

The measure was brought up by Board Member David Paulson during the meeting which isn’t usually procedure. He wanted the change to take effect on Tuesday.

The board wanted to table the vote so the public could be notified.

During the meeting six parents pleaded with the school board to end its mask mandate entirely. They were not wearing masks when the school board meeting began. They put one on once asked by a school board member since it’s school policy to wear them in all school buildings.

The parents argue children’s medical decisions should be made by them.

One parent feels her child isn’t getting a quality education and is being ostracized since he has a medical exemption to not have to wear a mask.

“It is not equitable when a child can’t participate in games at recess and is given a jump rope in the corner. It is not equitable when they can’t play with their friends outside. It’s not equitable when a teacher can’t come within six feet to teach them how to do a math problem,” Rita Ludemann said.

Bismarck’s school board voted to end its mask mandate and contact tracing beginning Tuesday.

You can watch the full school board meeting below.

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