Discover Minnesota: Alexandria

Alexandria Makes The Most Of Claim As "Birthplace Of America"


Alexandria, Minnesota makes the most of its claim to the the birthplace of America, no matter how dubious that claim is.

Alexandria is just over 100 miles from Fargo on I-94. The area boasts more than 350 lakes, along with plenty of biking options along rail-to-trail paths.
But it’s history that makes Alexandria really stand out.
The shield on the famed 28-foot-tall Big Ole statue reads, “Alexandria Birthplace of America”.
A museum in town houses a Runestone discovered in the area in 1898, that indicates Viking explorers visited the area more than 100 years before Columbus’ journey.
Of course, the stone’s authenticity if widely disputed.

James Feist, Executive Director of Explore Alexandria, says, “We have a lot of fun with it. We’ve got plushie Big Ole dolls and we’ve got our Viking statue. And really what the Runestone Museum does, is they have a great display, shows all the evidence, and allows you to come to your own conclusion. You can buy a bumper sticker in the gift shop that says ‘It’s real!’ or you can buy a bumper sticker in the gift shop that says ‘It’s a fake!'”

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