Fargo Fire & Police Departments compete in the Battle of the Badges Blood Drive

"This is the first annual Red Cross Battle of the Badge Blood Drive."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The Fargo Fire and Police Departments are battling again, but this time for a Red Cross Blood Drive.

“This is the first annual Red Cross Battle of the Badge Blood Drive, so the chief and I are here to kick it off,” Fargo Fire Chief Steven Dirksen said.

Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski and Chief Dirksen are the first ones from their agencies to start the contest. The Fargo Fire and Police Departments are having a friendly competition with the American Red Cross on which team can raise the most blood donations.

Chief Dirksen says he and  “Sergeant Jerrod Wagner are members of the Red Cross board here in Fargo and Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota, so we were kind of challenged within the Red Cross to come up with something.”

He says the goal is to get 60 blood appointments by the end of Wednesday. What’s the incentive for voting?

“If you vote for Team Fire you get a gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings for some flaming hot wings. No, they don’t have to be flaming hot. It’s just a fire thing,” Dirksen said.

“The Police Team has surprisingly gone with Sandy’s Donuts. I don’t even think there’s a decision there to be made,” Chief Zibolski said.

Local American Red Cross Interim Executive Director Megan Steffer says every blood donation can save up to three lives.

“You might not realize that 25 percent of blood donations actually goes to patients fighting cancer,” Steffer said.

Steffer says there is a decline in donations in the summertime.

“As people start traveling and getting outside, they kind of forget about donating blood, so we really see a dig deep, especially after a holiday weekend, like Memorial Day. That’s why the timing of this blood drive is super important,” Steffer explained.

The big question is who is going to win?

“I think people really will have to use their conscience and let their conscience be their guide,” Zibolski said.

“We want you to vote for Team Fire. We’re out there in the community. We have a great relationship. The community wins by whoever you donate for because it’s the Red Cross and it’s the people who really need the blood that’s really at it,”Dirksen said.

You can click here to sign up with the sponsor code Fargo Battle. A winner will be decided on Wednesday.

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