Law Enforcement officers hold Torch Run for Special Olympics

The Torch Run started in 1985 and allows officers to better connect with the community.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) –Fargo Police officers kick off a Law Enforcement Torch Run to support Special Olympics North Dakota.

“Law enforcement torch run is just a way to raise awareness of the Special Olympics of North Dakota and also raise money for the events and activities that all the athletes get sent to throughout the year,” Fargo Police Officer Danica Rozich said.

The Torch Run started in 1985 and allows officers to better connect with the community making the event throughout the years.

“It varies every year. I know this year we have our Fargo Police Academy running with us so that will give us a bigger turnout, but I would say between 35 to 50 people run with us every year,” Fargo Police Officer Emily Martin said.

The two mile run from Fargo South High School to the Fargo Police Department may seem like a lot for some runners, but for one it was all worth it.

“I’m a little bit tired but not too much because we ran in a group and we are communicating with each other so it made it fun also. We talked to people at the same time and shared our goals about what the run is and cheered people on, but when you do it alone it will make things very tiring, so it was not tiring at all, it was fun,” Fargo Police Academy Member Titus G. said.

While the event helps raise money for Special Olympics with every Torch Run t-shirt sold Martin says it’s this event was all about being there for one another.

“It’s just the unity we have in our community, not just with the community but with all of our law enforcement officers because one it’s a hot day and two miles can be a lot for some people and with the turnout we have it makes me really happy and proud of the kind of unity that we have in our community,” said Martin

After putting themselves through the law enforcement torch run, runners are glad to have reached the finish line.

“It was hot, this seems really far but i’m happy to just be out here supporting the Special Olympics,” Martin Said.

“Especially seeing our coworkers and some family members here at the end makes it feel like it wasn’t that long of a run,” Rozich said.

Fargo usually hosts the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics of North Dakota, but due to the heat the event was canceled.

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