LIVE: Rescued Reptile Heads Home After Wild Minnesota Adventure

This may be their craziest rescue yet.

A lost Texan is on his way back to his home state this morning, thanks to the tireless work of some of the region’s most dedicated animal rescuers.

It all started when a company right here in the Fargo metro area discovered him cuddled up in a comfy spot inside their masonry delivery — and promptly called for help from Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic rescue.

They asked rescue founder Tasha Gorentz to come by and see if she couldn’t figure out to do with the snake who’d stashed himself inside the package, only to wake up, presumably a bit surprised, to find himself no longer in Houston, Texas, but in the Upper Midwest.

Gorentz got there only to discover the snake had gone on the lam, having escaped from the bucket where company employees had stashed him.

Fortunately, a quick research effort determined the snake was not one of Texas’s several venomous varieties, but a much more manageable Texas rat snake.

Tasha scrambled to get the now-named Houston some transportation, and a willing driver by the name of Richard Pica, owner and operator of CMT Transport, stepped up to give the snake a ride all the way back to Houston into the care of a professional reptile relocator there.

Gorentz took a break from her busy schedule to join the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live via Zoom to talk about Houston’s Minnesota adventure.

For more information about reptile and other exotic animal rescues, or for information about their adoptable animals, check out their Facebook page:


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