Jasper Hotel Opens In Block 9 Tower in Downtown Fargo

FARGO, N.D. — Downtown Fargo’s newest gem opens its doors to the public for the very first time.

Welcome to Jasper hotel downtown Fargo’s newest addition!

“Jasper Hotel and Rosewild was created as a celebration of the region,” said Mary Orlando, General Manager Jasper Hotel.

Fargo’s newest upscale hotel had its grand opening for guests to book their stay or dine in at the restaurant.

It includes 125 guest rooms on six floors overlooking the skyline of downtown Fargo.

“Guests of jasper hotel who join us in beautiful downtown Fargo can except thoughtful services a flagship restaurant and access to the many amenities of a thriving downtown experience,” said Orlando.

The name is in honor of Fargo’s third mayor who was known as the “Father of Fargo,”

“Jasper B. Chapin, His original concept, his original hotel, was the continental hotel located on this block and so this a celebration as we bring his name back into history. He was regarded as the father of Fargo and we are excited to celebrate him here at jasper hotel,” said Tanner Tweten Director of lifestyle

The opening of the hotel is a monumental opportunity for the downtown area offering different avenues for people to enjoy it.

“This is just a dream for everyone. I mean we have the local community being celebrated, we are bringing in elevated level of service, and we are creating jobs for so many,”

Guests and people in the community can wine and dine in the exclusive rural Nordic themed restaurant, Rosewild.

“Chef has this amazing chef’s choice where we just let chef do what chef does it’s a great thing for you and a party of three other people you let chef just cook and it comes with cocktails and it really gives Chef Austin a chance to show his things but in my world the coal roasted sturgeon above and beyond anything,” said Nadar Mossavi Restaurant manager

“We did it”!

Guests can start booking their stay online at jasperfargo.com and make reservations for Rosewild restaurant through the Opentable app.


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