Fundraiser For A Local Woman Battling Cancer

"Makes you realize why you want to call Fargo home too when everybody is willing to be so generous with their time."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Sara Dcamp is a local woman battling stage 4 cancer. Now, loved ones are putting together a fundraiser for the DCamp family.

“Makes you realize why you want to call Fargo home too when everybody is willing to be so generous with their time,” Event Organizer Liz Bassett said.

Family and loved ones coming out to show their support for Sara Dcamp at the Living Waters Lutheran Church.

“There’s been such an outpouring of support for Sara and her family from friends from organizations that donated to the silent auction across the Fargo-Moorhead area,” Event Organizer John Bassett said.

Along with the silent auction, there are food vendors, live music, and games for anyone. It’s all to raise money to help pay expenses for the Dcamp family.

“Oh my gosh. I have had the hugest support system. It shows how so many people do want to help. They just don’t always know how to help, so having a big fun reunion event has been great,” Love Your Buns Organization Executive Director, Sara DCamp said.

Many describe Sara as selfless, caring, and a great daughter, mom, friend, and wife.

“Although she’s been dealing with this illness for over 5 years now, she and her family have been all about giving back. They started an organization called Love Your Buns. It’s about raising awareness for early-onset colon cancer,” Mrs. Bassett said.

According to Love Your Buns data, 41% of young patients waited six months or more after the initial appearance of symptoms before talking to a doctor.

“We didn’t want any young women or young men to be surprised by this. It’s on the rise. It’s happening more in young people, so be aware of the symptoms,” Love Your Buns Chairman of the Board of Directors Jarod DCamp said.

Some of the symptoms are stool changes or bleeding, cramping, and any other abnormal behavior in your digestive system.

“It’s not your grandpa’s cancer anymore. By 2030, that’s going to be the leading cause of cancer death in this country,” Live Like Rach Director Pat Monson said.

Pat Monson is the director of Live Like Rach. It’s an organization dedicated to educating people about colon cancer. She says this type of cancer is hard to detect.

“Colorectal is that the symptoms could mask other illnesses, so, significantly, you ask for further diagnostic tests,” Monson said.

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