Kvalvogs file civil rights lawsuit against State Patrol & Park Christian

Lawsuit allegations claim Minnesota State Patrol and Park Christian School covered up facts in the crash that killed their two teenage sons.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — The parents of Zachary and Connor Kvalvog, who died in a pickup crash on I-94 in 2015, are talking about their lawsuit allegations against Minnesota State Patrol and Park Christian School.

“Zach’s not here… and they know the truth, the people on the other side… they’re pure evil,” Raymond Kvalvog said.

Emotions run high as Katherine and Raymond Kvalvog address their allegations against Park Christian School and Minnesota State Patrol for allegedly covering up facts in the crash that killed their two teenage sons on their way to a school basketball tournament.

“I realize the stress and pain that lawsuits entail. I know that the people that we have served are suffering and I know they are hurting. It is nothing compared to what they have done to us for six years. They have lied and they have conspired and what they have done is shocking, it is mouth dropping and it is horrific,” said Katherine Kvalvog.

The Kvalvogs claim there is a conspiracy behind the investigation of the crash as they allegedly state there was a conflict of interest with the school and the state trooper who investigated the crash.

“We would have not had to do any lawsuits. We could have grieved our children in the way that we should have grieved our children if we would have had a different investigator. That’s what really sums up this whole lawsuit. It has been pure hell for us on top of losing our children. We’ve had to fight every single day to try to find out the truth,” Katherine said.

They are seeking a judgement for all costs and attorneys fees associated with the case.

But the Kvalvogs say the lawsuit isn’t about money but rather accountability.

“Yes I’m fighting for my sons, but what I’m really fighting for is I want to make sure that there are repercussions for officers that do something like this and not just slide it under the table because it does affect things,” Katherine said.

The Kvalvogs have also filed the lawsuit against two of Park Christian School’s basketball and football coaches.

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