Fiancé of North Fargo man killed Saturday in disbelief he’s gone

A Fargo man's murder leaves his loved ones in pieces with unanswered questions.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – We spoke with 41-year-old Eric Hayes’ fiancé and she says that Eric was a caring and honest man who did not deserve to be murdered.

“And he was my rock and I was his,” said Kristie Janssen.

Hayes was shot and killed outside of a gas station on Saturday night and his murder leaves his family in pieces.

“He was the one that kept us safe and made sure nothing happen to us,” Kristie’s daughter Jaxson Janssen said.

His fiancé describes Eric as a caring, loyal, family man and she is in disbelief.

“He was a really good man he always helped people whenever he could he loved anybody he came in contact with he just had that spirit that everybody wanted to know him and he is going to be missed by a lot of people including us and his family,” Kristie said.

Kristie told us that the whole situation feels surreal and that the family can’t wrap their heads around why someone would kill Eric.

“I just want answers on why. Why it happened. Why he got taken away and what made it so bad is his birthday was yesterday and instead of celebrating we were mourning and wondering and left with questions and answers we probably won’t get,” Kristie Janssen said.

Kristie shares her last moments with Eric that left a lifetime impression on her.

“He goes I love you babe I know you are tired go get some sleep get a shower and ill be home soon and i said ok hurry home he gave me a kiss and i gave him one back and that’s the last time i saw or heard from him,” said Kristie.

Raymond Gunn, the suspect in the shooting here outside Loaf ‘N Jug late Saturday, was arrested and will be in court Tuesday morning and the investigation is still ongoing.

Hayes’ family has set up a GoFundMe for funeral expenses. Click here to donate.

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