LIVE: Midwest Mediterranean

It's not as far out as you think.

A new book is bringing the Mediterranean to you right here in the Midwest.

And before you say it can’t be done… the authors are from right here in the region.

It’s a collection of 16 recipes plus observations from a group of Midwesterners about the Mediterranean diet.

It covers its history, its agriculture, philosophy, ingredients, and lifestyle – and how you can bring it into play in your own life.

There are natural challenges to doing it, since our climate and growing season is much different than the Mediterranean, but the authors say it’s possible, with some creativity.

Authors Megan Myrdal and Peter Schultz Zoomed in live to talk with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker about their passion for good food that makes you feel good too, and how it’s within reach — even if you’re reaching all the way from the Red River Valley to the Mediterranean.

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