Folkway’s 4th Annual Red River Water Pageant Brings Creativity to the Red River

Community members gather by the water to show off their decorated vessels.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Fargo’s Folkways Organization hosted its 4th Annual Red River Water Pageant. Participants gathered by the Hjemkomst Center to decorate their watercrafts and set sail onto the Red River.

Lesley Anne Buegel, Folkways Project Coordinator, helped bring this event to fruition. She says that the canoe parade grows every year and that she is excited to see everyone out on the water and having a good time.  

“The goal is really just to have a fun time on the water and kind’ve get more people accustomed to water. The Red River has a history here and so we really wanted to connotate it with fun things as well and this is the safest time to go out there, in the fall, so this is why we have it in September, so the goal is really just to mess around and have fun for a day, ” Buegel said. 

This was Buegel’s first time participating in the event, showcasing her birthday themed canoe. She says she decorated the canoe with balloons and a banner to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday.  

“It is a birthday float; we have got our birthday hats and birthday suits on because it’s my boyfriend’s birthday today. I think my favorite part is just being able to do something so special on his birthday instead of just your standard birthday activities,” Buegel said. 

Seven-year-old Clark and five-year-old Miles Iepson were also participating in the canoe parade for the very first time. Their main goal was to win the golden paddle award for having the best costume and spirit. 

“We are astronauts and we are gonna be on the river waving high, having a lot of fun. We are hoping to win the golden paddle but if not it will still be a lot of fun,” said canoe parade participant, Clark Iepson. 


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