Man runs from Fargo to Stillwater, Minn. for pancreatic cancer awareness

"This run is about transcending pain into a hopeful future."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Laurie Webber died of pancreatic cancer last August. She just had this bright, ferocious, protective loving energy about her.

This is the start of a 266 mile journey going from Fargo to Stillwater, Minnesota, to honor the legacy of Laurie Webber and cancer patients everywhere.

Mark Dowdle and his team are partnering with the Love Like Laurie Legacy foundation to honor her memory and those cancer has impacted

“We wanted to let that legacy shine far after her passing and help families who are also struggling with cancer,” Dowdle said.

Mark is utilizing his love of running to serve others in the best way he knows how.

“I have a passion for running and that’s something that hopefully I can use my talent in running and putting myself through physical pain to bring attention to this non profit,” Dowdle said.

Not only helping to remember Laurie but to inspire others in pain, and show there is always hope.

“This run is about transcending pain into a hopeful future,” Dowdle said.

On his arm throughout the journey is a wrist band that reads “Family, Forget about me I love you.” That’s what this run is about. It’s about coming together as a family whether we’re blood or not, coming together as family and being of service to them.”

Life like running 266 miles is a marathon and we have to take it a day at a time.

“This run is going to be one step at a time you can’t run all 200+ miles in one day so it’s one foot in front of the other one step at a time,” Dowdle said.

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