Pet Connection: Meet The Bunnies

Bunches of bunnies for adoption!!!!! They just need one more thing (or one less thing, as the case may be) first.

It’s been an almost herculean effort on the part of animal rescuers here in our region to round up some sixty or so rabbits from a Moorhead neighborhood.

Sixty or so rapidly multiplying rabbits, actually.

Rescue workers say it all started in a single home, with a pair of pets that were left to breed unchecked.

Now, those rescue workers at Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic rescue want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

That means all those bunnies have to get fixed first.

Not only is it better for their health overall, but it’s also a necessary step to getting them their forever homes.

But spay and neuter surgery can be expensive.

Fortunately, they’ve finally found a vet who’s willing to perform the surgeries at a substantial discount.

Still, any surgery multiplied by sixty is going to get pretty expensive.

Kritter Krazy’s Tasha Gorentz explains for the Morning Show what it’s been like getting the rabbits cleaned up, socialized, into shelters, and now, hopefully, into loving homes — and how your donation can help.

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