Hector International Airport Celebrates its New Snow Removal Equipment Building

Total cost of the project adds up to be 24 million dollars.
Hector 101221

Hector International Airport held an open house to showcase its brand-new snow removal equipment building.

This 26,000 square foot expansion, creates more space for the airport’s new equipment and provides additional space for maintenance and staff needs.

Hector International Airport Authority Chairman, Erik Lind says, “We had added 17 acres of concrete in the last year, with the expansion of the cargo ramp and we needed more equipment to remove the snow. So we had to buy some new equipment and we were out of space to put it, and the doors in the old facility were too small and they were not able to be readjusted. So we adjusted to accommodate the large equipment so we had to build a new building.”

Total cost of the project including new concrete needed on the north end for UPS and FedEx is 24 million dollars.

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