LIVE: FM Halloween Run

Consider it the training run to help you hit as many houses as possible trick-or-treating.

Is your kid already lacing up her tennis shoes to help her hit as many houses as possible trick-or-treating?

Here’s a way you can keep up with her on the big night… and burn off some of the candy you’ve been snacking on all month long.

The organizers of the Fargo Marathon are launching their first-ever FM Halloween run this October 28th and 29th.

They’ve held a mid-October race for more than a decade, but this year decided to shift it to later in the month since so many race schedules have been floated in the pandemic.

They’re also planning to hold this year’s Fargo Marathon back on the original early May spot on the calendar.

For runners looking to get some race action a little sooner, the FM Halloween run will feature a 5k, a 10k, and a half-marathon.

You can enter a costume contest, a combination haunted-house and race, and score some sweet and spooky race swag.

Race organizer Mark Knutson Zoomed in live with the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about what runners and spectators can expect.

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