Getting (Witch)Crafty: Making a Spooky Spellbook

Can we make Pinterest-worthy dream decor out of old textbooks and decoupage? Or is this thing destined for the dumpster?

If you’re a dedicated Halloween haunter whose decorating instincts have been stymied by this season’s supply-chain woes, you’re not alone.

Halloween decor has been scarce in local stores, and the big day is almost here.

Fortunately, the Morning Show is here to help.

If you can’t buy your Halloween decor, why not try making it, instead?

Armed with way too many Pinterest ideas, a stack of common crafting supplies, some plastic reptiles and an old textbook, we decided to see if we could upcycle it all into a spooky spell book.

Pinterest experts make it look simple.

We here at Ghoul Morning put it to the test.

It’s the first of our two-part series on whether we can pull off an item of sustainable, artistic handmade decor… or whether this project is headed for the dumpster instead.

Check it out as Emily Welker tries her hand at a scary spell book craft.






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