Pet Connection: Meet Billy

Floof and fun all in a pocket-sized package.

We might not need to bundle up quite so much this morning as we did earlier this week.

But this little guy didn’t get the memo.

Billy the chinchilla is one of several available at Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue.

Chinchillas, with their dense, soft, beautiful fur, are ready for the cold, and for your cuddles.

That’s in the event that they’ve been socialized to enjoy handling, like Billy has.

Most chinchillas are high-energy animals, who need to exercise and who love to roll in dust baths.

They’re entertaining to watch as well as being irresistibly cute.

But they do require a bit of specialized care.

Here’s rescue founder Tasha Gorentz to educate us about chinchillas and their needs, and to introduce charming Billy.

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