LIVE: New Building At Fargo’s National Cemetery

They're looking to build on a great start at the state's only national cemetery.

The Fargo National Cemetery is the first and only one of its kind here in North Dakota, and so far since its opening in 2019, it’s been a beautiful and meaningful resource for families of veterans.

There’s just one problem: when you need to conduct a service there this time of year, it’s uncomfortably — and impractically — cold.

At last week’s service, one of the buglers at the veteran’s service found his instrument froze while he was playing it, said Commander Jason Hicks of the United Patriotic Bodies.

Between services, the honor guard is waiting in their cars because of the arctic temps and wind chill.

That’s hard particularly on some of the honor guard, and often on some of the widows and widowers of the service members, who aren’t terribly young anymore, Hicks said.

So the United Patriotic Bodies is leading the charge to build a new, $3.5 million building at the cemetery, complete with some much-needed shelter from the elements and some equally-needed restrooms.

They’re looking to get the building designed by architecture students at NDSU, and to break ground next year.

Hicks Zoomed in live to the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about what it’ll take to get the project up and running, and what finally having a national cemetery has meant to the military families of North Dakota.



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