Armacost defends UND gender inclusion policy

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) – The University of North Dakota president responds to what he calls misleading statements from the North Dakota Catholic Conference on its draft gender inclusion policy.

The plan would require the use of a transgender person’s preferred pronouns and the use of facilities that align with their gender identity.

Andrew Armacost says the gender inclusion policy aims to protect each student and employee from harassment or discrimination based on federal and state law and North Dakota University System policy.

“There was no imminent approval of this draft policy and I’m confused by the timing of this letter which insinuated an urgency that, frankly, wasn’t there,” Armacost said.

The Catholic Conference claims calling someone by the wrong gender is against the policy.

Armacost says it would only if it’s intentional, severe, keeps happening and denies people access to UND programs and activities.

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