LIVE: New Support for LGBTQ Teens in Metro

Connection, compassion and caring for the teenager in your life.

Being a teen can be tough.

Being an LGBTQ teen can make things even more complicated.

So now, one of the region’s best-known nonprofits is launching a new therapy group for them.

The Village Family Service Center is starting the 10-week, 12-person therapy group in the metro February 8th.

It follows a similar group in St. Cloud launched three years ago.

Therapists say LGBTQ teens can, on average, face more discrimination, more pressure, more ostracization, and higher rates of depression than their hetero and cisgender peers.

The group is designed to create connections between the teens and therapists, and to give them coping skills and support.

Therapist Hannah Pederson Zoomed in live to the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about why teens can benefit from not just connecting with peers, but with professionals who can help them on their road to healthy adulthood.

Pride Teens (Fargo-Moorhead Hybrid Group) | The Village Family Service Center

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