Pet Connection: Meet The 7 One-Der Dogs

Meet 7 different dogs from 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who would do best as the only dog in their home


We’ve got a different style Pet Connection this week. Our friends at 4 Luv of Dog rescue have a special event this weekend featuring dogs that normally can’t make it to normal events.

They’re one-der dogs, dogs who have to be the only dog in their homes. They normally can’t come to events with a bunch of other dogs. But on Sunday, you’ll be able to meet them one-on-one.

But first, we’re giving you a rapid-fire introduction to seven of the eight dogs who will be there.

First up is Orbit. He’s a two-year-old Pit Bull. He’s a big boy already, more than 60 pounds. Orbit is a friendly dog, but unfortunately he sometimes doesn’t know the limits when it comes to playing with other dogs.
He can get overexcited when playing or out on walks
Orbit could be paired with an older, more relaxed dog.
But his playtime needs to be monitored.
On the plus side, he does really well being left out of the kennel all day.

Next up is Nyx, a dog on the other side of the spectrum. She’s an 11-year-old Jack Russel Terrier weighing in a just 15 pounds.
She needs to be the only dog in the home because she wants to be spoiled and get lots of love and attention.
She is on two medications, including one for anxiety. They cost about 120 bucks a month combined.
But Nyx does qualify for 4 Luv’s Seniors for Seniors program. Someone 65 and older can adopt her for a reduced fee of $65.

We’ve got another Pittie to tell you about.
Drax is about a year and a half old.
He’s just over 30 pounds.
His foster family says he’ll make a wonderful companion for adults.
He’s just not cut out to live with kids or other dogs.
He’ll need a fenced-in yard in his new home.
But he’s a smart pup who listens very well and is already potty trained, and he gets so excited when it’s time for a walk.
He may need to be an only pet, but he’ll give you all the love you need.

Moving on, to Rico Suave. He’s a senior Pit Bull who’s been around the block. He’s just over eight and a half years old.
This is his second time at 4 Luv. He was returned after about seven years.
He spends most of his day sleeping.
Rico does require medication that costs $180 every three months, plus he’s on special food for his allergies that’s $100 for a 25 pound bag.
He also has had several masses removed, and needs to be carefully monitored by a vet.
But he’d make a loving addition to a home as he looks for a nice place to retire to.
He also qualifies for the Seniors for Seniors program.

Trey bien! Trey is an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix.
He’s almost four years old and weighs 35 pounds.
Trey’s foster parents says he’s the cutest. He’ll need to go to a home that understands that he needs time to adjust to his new surroundings.
Trey also is on heart medication that costs $17 a month.

Meet Dougan! He’s a three-and-a-half year-old Pit Bull mix.
He’s a big boy, weighing nearly 70 pounds.
His new owner will have to watch Dougan’s weight. He has a degenerative condition in his back.
He loves toys and bones, but doesn’t share very well with other dogs.
He could live in a home with another laid-back female dog, as long as you don’t put any food or toys between them.
Dougan loves the outdoors and fits right in with Minnesota weather.

And finally, we have Ayla! She is a gorgeous Husky who’s about to celebrate her ninth birthday!
She’s been coming out of her shell while at 4 Luv.
It’ll take her a while to warm up to a new home.
But she loves her walks and does great on a leash.
Ayla does have hip dysplasia. She needs a couple medications that will cost a little over $100 a month combined.

But if you have a quiet home and a little patience, she could be a lovely addition to your home.

All these dogs need a little extra love and attention. But who among us is perfect? You can meet each of them one-on-one at individual times between 3:00-5:30 p.m. this Sunday, January 30th at Down Dog Studio in Fargo.
Click here for the event schedule so you can find out when each dog will be available.
If you adopt one of these loving, deserving one-der dogs, you’ll also get a 75 dollar voucher to Down Dog Studio.

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