None injured, one arrested after five-hour standoff in Fairmount, ND

FAIRMOUNT, N.D. (KVRR)–A Fairmount, North Dakota man is arrested after a five hour standoff where police say he set his garage on fire and barricaded himself in his home.

Adam Prochnow is connected to Tuesday night’s incident where police say a device was used that caused a fire at the Richland County Law Enforcement Center.

As Fairmount Public Schools went on lockdown. Roads leading to his home were blocked off and the Red River Swat Team came to assist. Police say no weapons were used to get him out.

“This is what we wanted to have this come to this type of ending, negotiators were able to, we got a phone in on to this guy, took a long time but they eventually got him to come out on his own, that was what our hope was,” says Sheriff Larry Leshovsky of Richland County.

According to police, Prochnow wrote a message on social media saying he is upset with the state of the world.

“We know that there are mental health issues. There’s been some past things that we’ve dealt with in regards to this individual that we know it could be dangerous. And there may be weapons involved and of course with the incident involving the law enforcement center with the incendiary device. We had no clue what was going on here when we got to Fairmount,” Leshovsky says.

They were able to put Prochnow in custody with the help of the Red River SWAT Team.

“Again, with mental health issues, we just don’t know what direction that’s gonna lead us. So, in this case as I said theā€¦ hostage negotiators, they used those abilities and they talked him out so that was excellent,” the Sheriff said.

Leshovksy adds the situation could’ve been chaotic if Prochnow used a different set up.

“Looking at the device that was there, it could’ve been a lot worse if it would’ve been prepared in a different way,” says the Sheriff.

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