Red River Zoo Removes Birds From Display Over Avian Flu Concerns

Birds likely to stay off public display throughout the season


FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Because of the avian flu outbreak hitting our region, you won’t be able to see any of your favorite feathered friends down at the Red River Zoo.

Executive Director Sally Jacobson says the zoo has been monitoring the spread of the virus since December.
With the virus in our region, the zoo moved a its birds away from public view.
That includes, geese, ducks and the Asian aviary.
They decided Wednesday to also remove eagles, ravens and their endangered cranes to safer spaces.
They’ll likely be off display for the whole season.
Jacobson says the tipping point for increased security was when they found out smaller birds could potentially spread avian flu.

She explains, “There’s some indication that it’s being spread through sparrows as well, which changed the game for us because our main thing was to keep the geese and the waterfowl out of our animal exhibits. But sparrows are pretty small, and that’s when we knew, ok we have to take our birds in to protect them.”

You can still see the chickens through a clear wall in their coop.
Jacobson says the zoo is working to fill the vacant displays with fun and interesting things.

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