LIVE: Getting Ready For the Goddess Gala

There's just enough time left to find an outfit.

There are goddesses who walk among us.

And believe it or not, you may be one of them.

For a single night, the organizers of the “Goddess Gala,” coming next month to the metro, are inviting you to join them.

Get yourself gussied up in your most glamorous eveningwear, adorn yourself whichever way you feel most glorious, and summon your fellow goddesses for a night of joy and celebration.

The gala is being billed as a way not just for women to celebrate their own beauty, but also to show support for a population of women often overlooked — those forty and older.

It’s an all-women, 21-and-over event of evening clothes, adult beverages and other treats, dancing, live music, friendship and more.

The inspiration for the Goddess Gala comes from a local portraitist, photographer Bethany Johs.

She’s specialized for many years in capturing women’s images, women who are often coming from some vulnerable point in their lives.

Sessions with Johs aim to give them more confidence in themselves, starting with the confidence to put themselves in front of the camera.

During the pandemic, she launched a photo project in the metro called “Forty Over Forty,” which celebrates women over forty and the beauty that comes from a life well-lived.

The original plan to offer a small, intimate gathering of the participants didn’t seem right, after the pandemic had taken away so many opportunities to gather .

So instead, they’re inviting everyone who’s a woman and over 21.

In addition to entertainment, food and drinks, the event also features a raffle, with the proceeds going to the Great Plains Food Bank.

Johs says about 300 tickets are already sold for the mid-May event.

To check out some of the photography of the 40 Over 40 project, check out this link:

And for tickets to the Goddess Gala:

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