LIVE: Pop Expo

FM Comic-con explodes into a new, even bigger event.

Are you looking for a pop of fun to make your weekend a great one?

Comic-con is merging with two other entertainment entities in the metro this year to become “Pop Expo.”

The pop culture and comic book convention officially turned twelve years old this year, so organizers decided they wanted to broaden its reach.

Organizer Tony Tilton said they’re now joining forces with Motorheads and Crafty Diversion.

It makes for a gathering that provides a little something for all demographics.

Besides “Brady Bunch” alum Barry Williams, and “The Munsters'” Butch Patrick,  the convention will also welcome HGTV and Motortrend’s Cristy Lee.

And as you’ve probably noticed, comic books have a bigger reach into pop culture these days than ever.

Tilton sat down with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about how comic books have exploded like never before, and what to expect at the new Pop Expo.

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