LIVE: West Fargo’s Newest K9 Officer

He may not have his own movie coming out, but he sure can make for some good TV.

The Morning Show got to see some major action this time.

Thor is the 19-month-old newest K9 member of the department, who’s taking to the streets of West Fargo to fight crime along with his partner, Officer Matthew Oldham.

Oldham says Thor is an American-bred cross between a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois, two of the most popular breeds for police work.

The young dog arrived fully trained, and Oldham uses Thor’s favorite ball to keep him motivated.

When he does what he’s asked, he gets his ball.

Thor is a tracking dog, who can search for people police need to find.

He can also search and discover illegal drugs like methamphetamines, ecstasy, heroin and other controlled substances.

And, if police need to stop someone, he’s trained for apprehension.

Watch the live interview with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for a full demonstration of this and other behaviors, and find out more about Thor.

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