LIVE: Fargo Mayoral Race

Meet Dr. Tim Mahoney -- again.

Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney is speaking out about the shooting at a Fargo restaurant that left a woman and an eight-month-old baby injured.

His reaction to the shooting, which Mahoney describes as “a tragedy,” is part of our ongoing series of one-on-ones with the candidates for Fargo mayor.

The shooter, who was convicted of a violent felony in 2020 and was prohibited from having a firearm, died after fleeing law enforcement into Clay County.

Mahoney spoke on the Morning Show with Emily Welker as part of our ongoing series of one-on-ones with the mayoral candidates.

We asked him about his opponent Michael Borgie’s accusation the current police chief isn’t doing enough to solve crimes, which Borgie believes are on the rise, and which Borgie claims have left Fargoans feeling unsafe.

Mahoney said although Fargo has grown in population, current statistics show violent crime has actually fallen.

While he acknowledges Wednesday’s public shooting will add to those numbers, he says the chief’s done a lot to address crime clearance rates.

He broke down some of the details for us about changes in how the city approaches policing, the important roles civilians and body cams are playing in investigations, and the number of police the city’s added to the force.

He also addressed other candidates’ accusations of a lack of diversity in city leadership, and homeowner worries about property taxes and special assessments.

You can catch the full interview here, and don’t forget to take a look at the other candidate’s conversations too.


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