Food Truck Festival has community buzzing

Food, fun and the sun bring people out to Fargo Elks Club for the 3rd annual Fargo Pop-up Food Truck festival

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — It’s something people look forward to and an event that has grown in popularity.

“I’m just someone who really loves to eat man and with an event like this I can’t miss it you know, it’s rare to have events like this, and for someone like me who likes to eat and for anyone that likes to eat, I gotta be out here man,” says Elliot Hoff.

“We came last year for two days I believe, just chilled out ate some food,” Keondare Albetrin said.

Vendors like Anthony Bachman love the opportunity to debut new food to people.

“We’ve been doing this one for three years every year we kind of expand our operation personally, so we’ve got our newest truck here, hot off the press. So we just opened up a couple of weeks ago, we’re also selling fried pickles, cheese curds, Philly cheesesteaks and our Macdaddy truck is here as well,”Anthony Bachman said.

He says events like this are important because restaurant options in North Fargo are limited, and this gives the community a chance to have food they haven’t tried in awhile or ever.

“The chicken and waffles for sure, I’m a chicken guy, yeah,” Albetrin said.

People there say events like these brings the community together, and they want to see this festival continue to expand.

“If they can get more food trucks, more people involved, different types of food as well not just some burgers and sandwiches, and some cultural food too that’d be great too,” Hoff said.

If you can’t make it today, it will still run tomorrow until 6:00PM.

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