LIVE: New Original Musical in the Metro

It's time to make up for lost time in the theaters!

If you’re like a lot of folks and still trying to make up for missing out on two years’ worth of live stage shows like musicals or theater during the  pandemic, you’ve got a great opportunity coming up in the metro.

A workshop production of a new, original musical called “Philly and the Dreamer” is running tonight and Thursday at Concordia College.

It’s based on a true story about a 1979 songwriter and it’s got dance, comedy, mobsters and of course, music.

The original director is a Concordia alum who’s been working with the writer to perfect the show for 8 years.

Director Rebecca Rizzio joined the Morning Show in-studio for a live interview with Emily Welker about what it’s been like to launch the show, how it feels to be entrusted with a writer’s vision, and her favorite moments from the show.

Tickets are free and sponsored by Bell Bank.

You just have to sign up online to claim them.

For more information:

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